How to dress for Forest School in Winter

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” - Ranulph Fiennes

We get it. Knowing how to dress your young explorer to match the weather conditions outside is challenging, to say the least. Even when you do know what gear to assemble, actually getting the clothing on their body is an even greater challenge! Unfortunately, we can’t come over and dress your child; however, we can take some of the guesswork out of what clothing combinations are best for various weather conditions. Snow, rain, intense heat, mysterious fog (well, maybe not that one) - we have you covered! We have created a master plan for the most common weather conditions which will make getting your family out the door fast and painless.

We’re going to start with a simple, yet effective pro-tip. We like to call it The Golden Rule, if you will. Here it is: LAYERS! Say it with us: LAYERS! Layers offer pockets of warmth, protection from the wind, and freedom for your child to self-regulate their comfort while playing outside.

Here is a cheat sheet for cold weather layering that will help take the mystery out of dressing your child before they venture into the great outdoors.

  • The base layer should be a top and bottom made of wool, silk or 'Heat Tech'.

  • The second layer should be warm pants and top.

  • The third layer should be a sweater or fleece.

  • The fourth layer should be a snowsuit (to keep bodies warm).

  • Fleece or wool socks.

  • Insulated, waterproof footwear with rubber soles for gripping.

  • Winter hat or balaclava, and/or a scarf.

  • Waterproof gloves/mittens, for cold days 2 pairs can be worn; one thin knit pair and a waterproof heavier pair on top.

  • Muddy Buddy on top of it all. 

Stay tuned for our next post all about RAIN attire. Puddles don’t scare us, but children not dressed for the weather actually do!

Written by Alicia Hedgecoth

Christy Zolty