Q. Are you really outside all of the time? There’s no classroom?

A. Yes! While adults can find this a daunting idea, children find it thrilling. How many kids like the idea of going to a cement room everyday? Being outdoors is found to make children have a more positive attitude and attention span for learning. On the rare days that the weather is severe (thunderstorms, etc), we will move our meeting to an indoor location, such as the town library.


Q. Is it safe?

A. One of our core principals is to teach children how to play safely in and with nature. The kids learn how to handle objects like rocks and sticks, and how to respect flowers, plants, and bugs. We ensure our staff is certified in CPR, carry first-aid kits everywhere we go, and we keep phones on us at all times. We're always accessible, and we require teachers to inform parents of any incident, no matter how small.


Q. Don't they get cold? Hot? Bitten?

A. Dressing your child appropriately for the weather is key to them having an enjoyable time. We will spend full mornings out in the rain, snow, mud, etc. They'll be happy and love every minute, unless they haven't been dressed appropriately. We provide a recommended list of clothing for all seasons. With a couple good outfits, your child will never mind the weather.


Q. How does the curriculum compare to a traditional preschool.

A. While every school can vary on philosophy and approach, we cover everything you'd expect from a preschool, and arguably more. While many associate kids being outside as just play-time, we are focused on each child learning and growing in a variety of ways.


Q. How do the kids go potty? Do you change diapers?

A. We absolutely will change diapers, and for those that are potty trained, we use the Potette. What's great about using these is that the younger kids see the older kids using the potty, and we've seen children within the first few days go from almost no potty training, to fully potty trained, just from watching and wanting to be like the bigger kids.