Program Overview

We've structured our days to be similar to a traditional preschool, just outside. Our classes meet year-round in the South Mountain Reservation.

Our Forest Preschool Program is designed to positively connect children with nature, through immersion programs that stimulate their curiosity about the natural world. Our educational philosophy is that there is no predetermined curriculum. The lesson plans flow organically from what nature presents to us each day. The goal is to tap into the children’s sense of wonder about nature and connect it through to science, math, pre-literacy, and the arts. The children’s learning arises through play, and ensures their interests are guiding their education. In this way, their learning will be meaningful.

Our classes run through all types of weather, making rain, snow, and sun all a part of our learning and play. If dangerous weather is in the forecast, families are informed of an alternative drop-off for that day, such as the town Library.

Class Size
We keep our class sizes small, with one teacher to every three children. This ensures every student is well looked after, keeping them safe, and getting the attention they may need.