Assistant Teacher

Maplewood Outside School, an independent Forest School located in South Mountain Reservation, has an Assistant Teacher position open immediately.

The Position

This opening is for a part-time Assistant Teacher who will work closely with the Director to run our daily classes. The students are from two to four years old, and the class size is six children. This person will be guiding the children from the drop off location to base camp, reading stories, and supporting students activities. They will assist with all aspects of the morning sessions, extended day and afternoon sessions may be added down the road.


All classes will initially run from 9 am to 12 pm, with teachers arriving no later than 8:45 am, and leaving at 12:15 pm. For the school year, the position is for Monday through Friday.

Experience and Skills

It’d be ideal if candidates are familiar with Forest School pedagogy and embrace the school’s focus: providing children, age two through four years-old, the opportunity to be outdoors to develop a love, respect, and appreciation for nature.

A successful Assistant Teacher candidate at Maplewood Outside School will:

• Always be on time. Punctuality is extremely important for a successful program.

• Have a love and interest in nature

• Be prepared to enjoy being outside no matter the weather

• Have experience working with a variety of ages in a school setting

• Have strong interpersonal skills

• Be committed to ongoing professional growth

• Be comfortable collaborating with colleagues and Head Teacher

Ideal Qualifications

• BA or BS, not necessarily in education

• Previous experience working in a school setting or entering or in a graduate program for education

More about the program

Our weekday morning classes are mixed age for ages 2-4. Our outdoor location, play based philosophy, and child-driven curriculum allow for all the children to be engaged and inspired to explore, create and learn. The small class size and small child to teacher ratio allows us to meet the needs of the individual children. We meet in all weather; rain, sun, snow, and cold. Our primary goal is to spend as much time outside as possible. We offer a competitive hourly rate.

Job Type: Part-time

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