A forest preschool for families in the Maplewood, South Orange, West Orange, and Millburn area.

Forest, after school.

An outdoor program for ages 4-9.


After School Overview

Do you have a Winter Warrior at home? Winter Warriors are protectors, collaborators, makers, and advocates of kindness to all living things. During the months when most stay indoors, we will gather each week in South Mountain Reservation and celebrate everything a winter afternoon has to offer. Building forts, observing animals, creating collaborative artwork, and following our curiosity are just a few of our nature play adventures.

On days most dare not go outside, we will EXPLORE! On days others can do nothing but shiver, we will PLAY! Are you brave enough to join our pack of explorers?? YES! Of course, you are!

Semester Options

A sample day at Outside School After School.


3:45 PM - 

Gather and Greet

Gather and greet our Winter Warrior Crew! This may include a focused conversation about the landscape, observations on a nature specimen, studying maps of the local trails, or some creative movement. Our gathering circle will always end with our chant: "We are brave! We are strong! We are curious! We are Winter Warriors!"

forest after school walking

4:00 PM - Walk to Base Camp

Nature walk to our Winter Warrior base camp. Along the way, we will collect specimens, notice changes in the landscape, and PLAY with nature!

forest after school winter snow

4:15 AM - Explore. Play. Build.

After we set our exploration boundaries, the Winter Warriors will be free to explore, play, build, and create. We will also offer a time to sit and eat snack with our friends under the trees. 

forest after school

5:00 - Trek Back

Walk back to grown-ups using flashlights and chat about our observations and feeling about the afternoon's adventures! Until next week, Winter Warriors!